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About Us Biorustin

Biorustin Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an Employee Placement Consultancy  having its expertise in Recruitment. We have a team of professionals with rich experience in the field of Hr process consultation.

When it comes for providing HR process consulting services, we stand as one of the top HR companies.

With changing global & economic scenario, we have to play a strategic role in BUSINESS MAKEOVER to maintain position in the industry.

At New Horizon, we deliver & achieve excellence for our clients. We deal with Healthcare industries, diverse needs and provide customized services.

Our Services



An effective recruitment selection process clearly identifies company’s needs and to match the job requirement with the right set of candidate.


Resume Writing Service

A good resume title quickly confirms for the recruiter that s/he is looking at a relevant resume and helps provide context for what is to come.
Resume writing service for fresher’s, Mid level & senior level.

Career Growth Consultant

The most important step to landing a job is being prepared for your interviews. By doing some preparation you’ll feel more in control, and will appear cool, calm and collected as a result to your prospective employers – qualities always looked for in the perfect candidate.

language proficiency

Language Proficiency

In this globalized multicultural world, where English is the international language of communication, an English-language proficiency certification can make all the difference. 

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